mistakes / renovations

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This series of work has developed as a natural imbalance between realities. I instinctively utilize sets of symbolic images that are both domestic and feral. These images grow from and around one another as if each were a parasite of another. My homes and forests are faceted and aggressive, developing moods of anxious expectancy. Various illustrated locations are created through a continual pattern of growth, destruction, and regrowth. My avoidance of erasure encourages more fluidity in development and an acceptance of mutability and change. Lines are dropped and layers are shifted until the tension between discord and harmony is real. I don’t often know where a piece is going until it finishes itself.
These works develop as atmospheric vignettes of a somewhere or when of my past, future, or perhaps, another present. I create options for myself to escape to, in order to disassociate myself from the moment. It is my use of mistakes that have become the impetus for these varied realities of mine. The errors are where I find truth and direction.

Mistakes are made and then everything happens.


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